Hello honeys!

These recipes have grown with me as I am sure they will with you.

They are adapted from recipes dating back to my high school days and a couple from my early Greek days in Marrickville decades ago, from restaurant and catering days in the late 80s with my brother Adam, and then from many friends over the years that have spent time with our family.

The biggest influences in our kitchen however, were the Hungarian years and the lovely grandma Eta – also Yolika neni from Jokai Mor utca and the Gundel cookbook.

Some recipes will have measurements – others not.

All recipes can be adjusted to feed 1 or 21.

This site is a work in progress…

Have a look at the Recipe List – the ones in bold are linked to the recipe – the ones not yet bold are not yet there! (But they are coming.)

Sue Rado
April 2019

Update – I will keep updating the missing recipes from time to time, as we will always have a Rado table – but these 29 years have come to an end in November 2019.
December 2019

Or I may not keep updating as more time passes… but the list of the meals that filled our table, and continue to fill mine, will always be there.
December 2020

Sue Rado (van Kempen)